Current opinions on how to identify and treat NTRK fusion positive cancer

We recently delivered a virtual Experts Knowledge Share meeting discussing how to identify, test and treat NTRK fusion positive cancer. Our faculty of international experts Prof. David Hong (USA), Prof. Frédérique Penault-Llorca (France), and Prof. Ezra Cohen (USA), were joined by participants from over 20 countries across the world. The slides from this meeting are now available for download.

Subtitles in English available by clicking on ‘CC’ within the video controls

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Dave Hong and I’m the Deputy Chair of the Department of Investigational Cancer Therapeutics and the Associate Vice President of Clinical Research here at MD Anderson Cancer Center, here in Houston Texas.

I had the great honour to chair a faculty that hosted a virtual Experts Knowledge Share event entitled ‘Current opinions on how to identify, test and treat NTRK fusion positive cancers’.

We had participation from around the globe covering both the current challenges related to testing to identify NTRK fusion positive tumours and the treatment of NTRK fusion positive cancers in the plenary, and with many insightful questions.

Finally we received submitted cases in the breakout rooms and had just a great session during that time.

You can now download the slide deck used during the event for your own use and we hope that you find this information very useful. Thank you.