NTRK gene fusions, TRK inhibitors and testing approaches BluePrint

NTRK CONNECT identified NTRK Gene Fusions on the ESMO OncologyPro portal as a practical guide on how to test for NTRK gene fusions and treat with TRK inhibitors.

NTRK CONNECT have now developed BluePrint documents as a reference guide providing a concise overview in downloadable formats. A variety of topics are covered including, overview of gene fusions and role as oncogenic drivers, detection approaches available, NTRK family and NTRK gene fusions, epidemiology of cancers with NTRK gene fusions and an overview of TRK inhibitors.

Prof. Andrea Sartore-Bianchi (NTRK CONNECT), Dr. Jaclyn Hechtman, Prof. Fernando Lopez-Rios (NTRK CONNECT), Assoc. Prof. Gerald Prager have developed this resource with COR2ED.